Compaq Laptop Chip Level Repairs

Compaq Laptop Chip Level Repairs

Welcome to reliable Laptop repair service at SOFT-AID Pune. Our Professionally trained service technicians are able to trouble shoot and repair entire range of Compaq laptops.

At SOFT-AID Laptop Service center, Our Professionally trained laptop service technicians have great expertise in entire range of Compaq laptops, Our experienced technicians are able to perform component level service on laptop motherboards and perform testing, repairs of ICs, FET,BGA ICs, resistors, capacitors and different connectors.

Our technical staff is specially trained for common Compaq laptop problems like Broken Hinges, Display problems like (Faint display, No display, Flickering display, broken screens, Keyboard problems, overheating problems etc.

We also undertake Laptop upgrades (Memory, HDD), Replacement of DVD drives, and Power connectors.

Our trained technicians are able to do the Preventive Maintenance of your Compaq laptop whenever required.

Contact SOFT-AID for any Compaq laptop problem! We will solve your laptop problem with perfection and accuracy.

you can contact us on 020-25447802/25468538 ,or you can send your request for laptop estimate at   

Some of the Compaq laptops that we have serviced are as belows;

Compaq Presario Series, Compaq CQ series, Compaq 610 & 620 Series, Compaq i3 Series, Compaq V3000

We have specially trained staff to take care of laptop chip level repairs. All the chip level repairs are undertaken using special tools for laptop repairs. All the main boards and secondary circuit boards are repaired using advanced BGA and SMD removing/repairing techniques. We have tie up with most of the vendors for genuine spares for chips and circuit boards. All the delicate parts and motherboards are handled as per the industry standards. We have major stock of genuine parts of laptop boards. In case of unavailability of chip, we opt for board replacement in exchange.



Laptop dead or not switching on

Laptop not charging – power DC jack adapter repairs, Battery charging problem due to motherboard problem. BGA jobs on motherboard which includes BGA reflow, BGA replacement.

Damaged laptop hard drives and upgrades

Replacement of damaged hard disk of laptop, up gradation of laptop disk drives.

Operating system installation and repair

We do all kind of operating system installation on laptop which includes System repairs and upgrades of operating systems. (Media and OS to be provided by Customer)

Laptop data recovery

Emergency laptop recovery for valuable data (On extra charges as we take help from third part data recovery services)

Laptop blue screen repairs

We take care of all motherboard related problems in case of blue screen, we repair LCD display and memory related problems in case of blue screen.

Laptop Motherboard Replacement

In case of unavailability of BGA chip in some cases, we provide motherboard replacement services on exchange basis. This service includes procuring new motherboard from reputed vendors, fixing it in laptop and checking it. Please note that these services are done on exchange basis only.

Laptop upgrades

Want your laptop computer performing faster? Speed up your laptop computer by upgrading your memory (RAM) with more megabytes to accommodate your computing needs. We can get your computer running faster in no time. A memory upgrade is often one of the cheapest upgrades to make to see a substantial difference in the speed of your computer. We also do the operating system, hard drive, and Optical drives upgrades for all laptop models. (Operating system upgrades are done only in case of customer providing new system OS media)

Hinge Replacement

Opening and closing a laptop on a regular basis can cause the hinges to become loose and sometimes break in case of bad or improper handling. Our skilled Laptop Technicians can replace or repair hinge assemblies. Touch Pad, Mouse Pad, Laptop Case and Bezel, too.

Screen and LCD repair replacement

When the laptop display fails to work then screen replacement services are required. Our skilled engineers are trained for delicate work of repairing and or changing flexible PCB for display, Replacement of laptop screens and repairs of onboard display controller which primarily includes BGA work.

Liquid Spill

In case of liquid spill on laptop which includes coffee, water, soda or wine we offer following services as
Complete disassembly and reassembly of parts
All contacts are cleaned carefully along with individual components.
Air dry machines are used for quick cleaning of parts.
We offer quick turn around time of laptop by replacing damaged parts.

Shutoff / Overheats laptops

Our engineers are specially trained on giving solutions on all of the heating problems of laptop. We quickly give solutions on problems like failed laptop fan, Overheated motherboards, clogged heat sink and air vents, Excess dust and debris.

Internal Computer Cleaning for Laptop and Desktop

Dust! Yes, believe it or not, they are your computer's worst enemies. The accumulation of dust particles in your computer case can shorten the life of your PC. The particles block essential airflow to the system which causes the processor and hard drive to overheat, creating irreversible damage. Bring your PC to our repair centerand we'll do all the dirty work.


Some of the laptops that we Repair

Hp Laptop Repair Dell Laptop Repair Apple Laptop Repair Gigabyte Laptop Repair IBM Laptop Repair Acer Laptop Repair Sony Laptop Repair Samsung Laptop Repair Asus Laptop Repair MSI Laptop Repair FUJITSU Laptop Repair Lenovo Laptop Repair Compaq Laptop Repair Toshiba Laptop Repair

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