Frequently Asked questions on Mother board repairs and Laptop repairs.

1) What kind of repairs service does Softaid provide ?

Softaid has been a specialised component level repair centre for the past 25 years, we have the capacity to repair and refurbish all kinds of electronic equipment used in the PC and process control industry.

2) Do you repair all mother board irrespective of the manufacturer not providing service in India?

Yes, we have the capacity to repair all type of Motherboards, like desktop board, server boards, workstation boards, laptop boards etc. We even repair boards for some imported equipment even if the manufacturer does not have any representation in India.

3) Is it that you repair only standard problems like power supply problems, bios problems or do you even handle major problems like the chipset problems etc.

We have the capacity to repair all kind of problems, while the minor problems are easily addressed, we also have the capacity to do all kinds of BGA Chipset replacements and can hence solve about 80 – 90 % of mother board problems.

4) Why are some Motherboard and Laptops still unrepairable ?

Most of the time the some motherboards and Laptops are unrepairable because some unskilled engineer has attempted repairs and have damaged the board in the process. Nowadays we have noticed that a lot of boards and laptop motherboards are being attempted to be repaired by field engineers who have no formal training in component level repairs. 50 – 60 % of Laptops are damaged by unskilled engineers and these are irreversible damages done to the main board.

5) Do you do only repairs of Motherboard and Laptops ?

We do repairs of all kinds of IT Peripherals some of them are, all kinds of power supplies, all types of monitors, all types of printers, plotters, networking equipment, Tape drives, etc. In short we have the capacity to repair all type of Electronic Equipment used in the IT industry and the Process control industry.

6) What is the average turnaround time for Mother Boards and Laptops ?

Usually the turnaround time is around 48 hrs depending upon the current workloads, and component availability. Special requests can be made for quicker turnaround in critical cases, this may be done on a case to case basis.

7) What are your repair charges are these comparable to the rates available in the market?

Our repair charges are very much comparable to the standard market rates, we do not compete with individual, our charges may be on the higher side, but we can very proudly claim that we provide the best service in the Industry.

8) Do you have any Volume discounts available ?

Yes we will be able to give you volume discounts, please get in touch with us with your requirements.

9) What is your Warranty Policy on repairs ?

You will agree that giving warranty in repairs is a little tricky, but we do have testing warranty, limited repair warranty and full warranty upto 90 days for various items, Please get in touch with us for more details.

10) Where do I send my material for repairs ?

You will have to send you material to
Softaid Computers P. Ltd.
C-108, Satyam Industrial Estate,
163,164 Erandwane, Pune 411 038.
Ph : 25447802, 25468538, 24558722

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Test & Repair Centre, Pune
C-106, C-108, C-109 ,
Satyam Industrial Estate,
163/164 Erandwane, Pune 411038, India.
Tel: +91 20 25468538, 25447802, 25458722
Fax :- +91 20 25443194

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